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Upgrades, updates, and outages

Meritel is constantly performing software and other updates. The hardware updates are a bit less frequent, but they are common. There are a couple of reasons for the frequent hardware replacements/upgrades. First, there is the expansion needed to accommodate new clients. While some companies just oversubscribe their network and hardware by adding new clients without upgrading the network or adding new hardware, we don't feel this is right. We strive to make sure that existing clients don't suffer performance degradation just because we are adding clients. It is more expensive, but it is the right thing to do. Second, there is the changing demands and needs of the clients. As Internet users make the switch to more resource intensive services, like streaming video from Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, we are constantly adding new hardware and increasing capacity to make sure that these new demands can be met. Prior to streaming video, upgrade incerements were much simpler and much further apart. To show the demand that one service alone places on the network, we take a look at Netflix. During one of their outages this Spring, our total bandwidth used dropped 34%. That was from just one service. Video streaming is more resource and bandwidth intensive than anything else. We've had routers and switch that worked great for everything. Everything until video streaming, that is. They just couldn't keep up.

Sometimes replacing hardware causes service interruptions. Sometimes hardware dies. That's just part of running a network. For those who have had their home router or computer stop working, you know what I mean. However, the majority of upgrades happen without anyone ever knowing. We usually are updating some software just about every day. Our anti-virus and anti-spam updates are performed hourly.

We are truly sorry when an update goes bad or a piece of equipment goes bad. Please know that the constant upgrades and updates are really being done to improve your service.

Thank-you for supporting your local broadband provider - Meritel.